Beware of sugar rich grass this Spring

As Spring arrives horses can spend more time outside grazing but be aware of the sugar rich grass, which is low in fibre. You will need a Haygain hay steamer.

For three reasons:

  1. Grass laminitis typically occurs in the spring when the early flush of grass is rich in water soluble carbohydrates (sugars). Access to pasture should be restricted and high fibre, low sugar hay fed. The current recommendations to safely reduce sugar from hay is a 9 hour soak, followed by a 50 to 60 minutes steam in a Haygain
  2. Spring weather brings temperature increases, causing mould, fungi and bacteria growth, leading to increases in respirable particles and disorders in horses. Haygain steamers are the only scientifically proven method to kill mould, fungal spores and bacteria.
  3. Spring grass is low in fibre, so even if you are able to keep your horse at pasture it will still need some fibrous, clean (steamed) hay fed to maintain a healthy gut.

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