ComfortStall Testimonials - Riders and Rehab

"It’s like sleeping on a mattress, but softer. Very supportive on their legs. The best benefit of ComfortStall is that we have no hock sores…so happy to be in their stalls on their nice massive pillows…horses we never see sleep are laying down comfortably…very easy clean up”
 Deeridge Farms Stable Manager Carly Kaber 

"I believe that the ComfortStall Flooring System has significantly improved the well-being of my horses. My barn of foxhunters and show-jumpers work very hard in their athletic careers. They have plenty of turn-out in their management, but all spend 12 hours daily in their stalls. Walking on the ComfortStall myself makes it obvious that the horses experience less concussion while moving around their stalls and greater comfort when lying down. My grooms have even installed the ComfortStall in the tack room to stand on when cleaning tack!"

Lynn Lloyd, MFH, Red Rock Hounds, Reno, N

“Nothing but the best for Brentina – safety and comfort come first. We love our ComfortStall products. Brentina has had her ComfortStall system for over 10 years and what a difference it has made. We highly recommend ComfortStall for all performance horses' stall and trailer floors”

Debbie McDonald, US Equestrian Dressage Development Coach 

"There are a myriad of ways ComfortStall can be used in a sports medicine context” 

Sharon Classen. WEG approved physical therapist. Serenity Ridge Farms, Nebraska 

“Everybody lays down on it, from a 7-year-old Second Level horse to a 21-year-old Grand Prix horse, their tails are full of shavings in the morning.” 
Melanie Burnley, DVM, a veterinarian and Grand Prix competitor

“I’ve always been blown away by how soft ComfortStall flooring is. I’ve had horses literally pull up the stable mats out of boredom, and injure their tendons or suspensories and rip their shoes off in the process. Comfortstall’s single-piece IronClad™ TopCover is sealed to the stable walls with heavy duty anchor strips, preventing such uprooting.”  

Katie Fisher, Kingfisher Farms

“I’m not given to falling for every product that comes along claiming miracle ‘cures’ or extolling questionable virtues that actually are minimally useful at usually exorbitant expense. ComfortStall, however, is durable, affordable and exceptionally beneficial in the ongoing effort of providing excellent care and management of our equine partners. I’ve been a horse owner and trainer for over 40 years and couldn’t recommend it more highly, ultimately because I believe that every horse should exist in comfort and well-being while in our hands.”

Kaye Love, owner of Fleet Apple, Olympic medal winner Huntover Farm, Sebastopol, California