How it works

Purifying your forage in 3 simple steps

Using a watering can and funnel, fill the steam generator until water is visible in the filler spout.

Place the bale or loose hay over the Steam Manifolds and push down firmly so that the Manifold Spikes pierce the hay to their full length. Lower the lid and fasten the catches. Switch on the steam generator.

Once the steam generator has been switched on, time for 60 minutes. After 60 minutes the lid thermometer should then read above 80 degrees centigrade. Switch off the steam generator undo the catches and open the Hay Chest Lid. CAUTION steam is hot. Remove hay and feed immediately or within 24 hours

Where to locate your Haygain

Your Haygain should be located within 4 metres of a mains electrical socket. The Steam Generator is an electrical appliance and must be kept under cover. The Haygain must be located on level ground that is well draining and clean. The surrounding area must be well ventilated to avoid damp conditions. Careful consideration should be made to health and safety when locating your Haygain, recognising that it is an electrical appliance that generates hot steam that can burn, has sharp components and should not be accessible to children.

Instruction Manuals