Haygain hay steamers and the Forager 

Your Haygain hay steamers and Forager come with a 1 year warranty. For hay steamers the warranty does not cover the regulators. The warranty covers the repair and replacement of your Haygain hay steamer or a part of it. This includes all required parts and labour. All repairs and replacements are at the discretion of Haygain. For more information about the warranty, you can contact us at info@haygain.com

Terms of the warranty 

The warranty is effective from the date of delivery. Before Haygain repairs or replaces your Haygain hay steamer under warranty, you must provide proof of purchase (such as your order conformation email or copy invoice). Without proof of purchase, there will be a fee for the work required.If your Haygain hay steamer is faulty, it is usually repaired at an authorised service centre. All work is done by Haygain or an authorised representative.Where possible, Haygain can provide a steam generator on loan while your steam generator is being repaired. There will be a fee for transportation. If you need a loan steam generator, Haygain may offer this as a replacement and will collect the faulty steam generator. There will be no fee for a replacement steam generator.If a part for your Haygain hay steamer is no longer available, Haygain will replace it with a similar functional part. Any repair, replacement or exchange of your Haygain hay steamer under warranty does not extend the warranty period. 

Exceptions to the warranty

The warranty does not cover the following conditions: 

Normal wear and tear 

Accidental damage 

Removal of blockages 

Use of parts or accessories that are not approved by Haygain 

Repairs and installations by parties that are not approved by Haygain 

Faults or damage caused by not maintaining the hay chest or steam generator as described in this manual 

Faults or damage caused by negligent use or misuse, which includes but is not limited to the following conditions: using your Haygain hay steamer in a location that does not meet the conditions listed in the User Manual, using dirty water in the steam generator, allowing the steam generator to run out of water, insufficiently descaling the steam generator, foreign objects in the steam generator or steam manifold

Our registered office is: Haygain Ltd, The Walbrook Building, 25 Walbrook, London. EC2N 8AF.