Haygain HG Go

Ideal for travelling to shows, the HG Go portable hay steaming system enables you to travel light, leaving your main Haygain unit at home, whilst still maintaining a consistent quality of forage. It is also ideal for yards without electricity, since the hay can be steamed elsewhere and then taken to the yard.

The bag is extremely durable, compact and easy to transport. Despite its lightweight and collapsible design, the HG Go offers an impressive 200 litres capacity, which can accommodate approximately half a standard bale of hay, hay wedges or 1 to 2 haynets. The HG Go incorporates the Haygain patented steam distribution manifold spike system. This enables steam to penetrate from the centre of the forage outwards, at temperatures in excess of 100ºC / 212 ºF, to eliminate respirable dust and kill mould spores and bacteria. Quick and easy to use, the HG Go steams forage in 60 minutes using a 1.5 kW steam generator with stainless steel boiler shell and a water capacity of 3.5 litres, which is sufficient for one steaming cycle. The HG Go is made from a non-rip, durable, fully insulated composite material, ensuring excellent thermal efficiency. All seams are ultra-sonically welded and a cap which sits on top of the hay retains the steam within the bag.

*The capacity of the HG Go depends on size of haynets used.

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