Inlet Valve Kit for Flexineb Nebuliser

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The inlet valve allows medication to flow through the med cup and aerosol holding chamber. This is attached to the top of the aerosol holding chamber.


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  • Nebulisation is a treatment technique in which tiny spherical droplets of aerosolised medication are generated and inhaled by the horse.

    Why use a Nebuliser?

    A nebuliser device enables the horse-owner to easily administer care to their horses airways and lungs. The device incorporates a mask that fits on the nose and a technological means of generating a fine mist. Old style technologies are based on a compressor which plug into the mains supply. Newer technologies are ultrasonic devices, while the most up-to-date devices (e.g. Flexineb E2) incorporate a vibrating piezo component. Each of these technologies can generate the fine mist which ensures that the medication goes directly to the lungs.


    • Allow the treatment of breathing problems diagnosed by professional veterinarians such as RAO/COPD/EIPH
    • Deliver natural therapies such as saline and eucalyptus in a very efficient way, ensuring your horses airways are optimally conditioned at all times for optimum performance
    • Direct delivery to the lungs means quickest possible recovery and return to competition after illness
    • Save on the cost of drugs compared to other treatment methods; for example, only approximately 20% of an IV treatment required
  • The Mask Assembly (excluding valves), Controller (excluding battery) and Cable, Power Supply (charger) come with a 2 year warranty.

    The Battery comes with a 6 months warranty.

    The Medication Cup is a wearing part and its life is very dependent on drugs nebulised and how well it is maintained therefore it is not covered by warranty.

    Damage caused by improper handling or misuse is not covered by warranty. For more information about the warranty, you can contact us at info@haygain.com.

  • FREE DELIVERY ON ALL ITEMS : sent out the same day if order received before 3PM or a next day delivery service via DPD.

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