B&G 2600 Protek Equine & Stable Sanitising Fogger

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It is important to keep your yard infection free. Often viruses initially go undetected and result in poor performance.

Using the B&G 2600 Fogger with a non-corrosive disinfectant gives the
ultimate protection for your yard and horse boxApplying disinfectant using the B&G 2600 is not only time saving and easy but it is the best choice for open areas and hard to reach places. The Fogger’s variable settings ensure Disinfectant is effectively applied, keeping surfaces free from the risk of infection.

Variable particle size enables the operator to adjust the droplet size for different disinfecting jobs. On fine settings, the Fogger atomizes 95% of its output to particles of 20 microns, great for fogging in stables as the particles will float and access hard to reach areas. On heavy settings, 95% of its output is below 60 microns which is more suited to outdoor application.

The 48 inch flexible output hose makes it perfect for treating all awkward areas.


B&G 2600 Fogger specification:

  • Fitted with a flexible 48 inch hose
  • Adjustable flow control allowing users to accurately control the quantity and direction of the output
  • The flow control provides adjustment of the chemical discharge from Ultra Low Volume (ULV) to a mist variable from 0-540 ml/minute
  • Strong and stable 6 Litre corrosionproof tank