Haygain are the global leaders in hay steamers, a scientifically proven method for purifying hay.

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We are Haygain, developed for riders by riders

Haygain’s scientists are committed to improving equine health through research and innovation in order to provide horse owners everywhere with effective, useful products at fair prices. We offer specialist advice, unparalleled service and world-beating products to many of the world’s leading riders, trainers and equine vets.

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Scientifically proven – the world’s best hay steamers

Haygain is the only method that is scientifically proven to help in the prevention and treatment of many equine conditions, including Recurrent Airway Obstruction (RAO), Equine Asthma and Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD). Extensive research at the Royal Agricultural College in Cirencester, England has shown conclusively that Haygain steamers improve equine health, welfare and wellbeing.

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Better breathing and better forage

Haygain’s unique distribution manifold system distributes high-temperature steam evenly through the hay, thus eliminating harmful mould, fungal spores, bacteria and dust mites. The benefits are many: fragrant, appetising steamed hay which is ideal for fussy eaters and horses recovering from surgery; less wastage in the stable; improved respiratory health in all horses; helps to “stop the cough”; minimises vet’s bills.

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The Benefits

What customers say

“The Haygain hay steamer is used routinely on our respiratory cases to good effect. Not only is the steamed hay very palatable but the process of steaming is much simpler and more effective than soaking the hay. We are also using the Haygain® steamed hay when reintroducing feed to some of our colic cases - with good results.”

Harold C. McKenzie III

DVM MS Diplomat ACVIM and Associate Professor of Equine Medicine at the Marion duPont Scott Equine Medical Center of Leesburg, Virginia, USA

At Peasebrook Equine Clinic we use the Haygain® Steamer to render our hay dust free and to improve the palatability. Most of our in-patients are on box rest or are in light exercise. It is vital that we can provide them with clean palatable fibre that will not make them too lively. Increasing the moisture intake of the horse via steamed hay is another important advantage. Box-resting horses have an increased risk of large intestinal impaction and so maintaining good moisture intake will help prevent this. Lastly sick horses are often reluctant to eat and so the enhanced palatability of steamed hay is very helpful. In summary the Haygain® steamer has been a very successful addition to our clinic"

Timothy D Galer

BVet Med Cert ESM MRCVS, Peasebrook Equine Clinic, UK

“I was first introduced to Haygain® when we acquired a unit in our equine hospital for cases that have been diagnosed with respiratory issues. We have used it for foals with severe Rhodococcus equi pneumonia, to aid in reducing the amount of inhaled allergens when they eat hay. We have also steamed bedding (ie: straw) for the same reduction of potential inhaled allergens. I have first-hand experience with this product because not only do I use the Haygain® unit at my hospital, but for my own personal dressage and racehorses as well.”

Nathan Slovis

DVM, Dipl. ACVIM, CHT, Director of the McGee Critical Care and Medical Center at Hagyard Equine Medical Institute of Lexington, Kentucky, USA

“I’m always striving for the best of everything; I was impressed with the science behind Haygain® hay steamers and now I know that we are giving the best forage possible, whilst stabled, travelling and competing.”

Ben Maher MBE

international British show jumper and team Gold Olympic medallist

“I'm very pleased I took the decision to invest in Haygain® machines. We process over 8 bales of hay a day using one full bale unit and take the smaller unit away to competitions all over Europe, which we find essential. The horses have been free from coughs and nasal discharge, they are healthy and performing well - so what more can I ask for? Haygain® has been a fantastic company to deal with and has always provided a first class service.”

William Fox-Pitt

International event rider and triple Olympic medallist, UK

“Haygain® is a revolution to my top horses’ feeding habits and condition. My European horse for example, struggles to keep in condition over the winter months but the Haygain® is encouraging him to eat more forage and keeps him healthy and bright. This is one of the top accessories on my yard and now something I cannot live without. “

Guy Williams

International show jumper, UK

“We feed all 120 horses on Haygain® steamed hay, so that the nutritional value of our hay is maintained whilst eliminating any harmful content. It makes it more palatable and has eliminated the key contributing factor that causes horses to cough. Whilst our hay is top quality, steaming it in Haygain® ensures the consistency in every bale, it goes in fully strung which makes it simple to use and the unit is really built to cope with the rigors of our busy yard.”

Nicky Henderson

National Hunt Trainer, UK

“I use my Haygain® hay steamer to steam quality hay for my race horses. The horses really seem to enjoy the highly palatable steamed hay more so than dry hay. As a trainer, Haygain® gives me confidence when we perform post-race scopes and see that the trachea is staying clean and clear. The Haygain® system has helped us to minimize the amount of medication used on our horses.”

Al Stall

TB trainer of Blame, winner of the Breeders Cup 2010, USA

“An immediate positive effect was evident in horses with irritable airways when we started using the Haygain® hay steamer; when we stopped using it, those horses started coughing again within four days. We are now using Haygain® as part of our daily feeding regime. It is indispensable to us, as it undoubtedly benefits our horses.”

Hughie Morrison

Flat Trainer, UK

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