Top Feeding Tips from Top Riders 

Haygain caught up with Olympic superstar Laura Tomlinson, International Showjumper Will Fletcher and Grand Prix Dressage rider Louise Bell to give us their insights into the best way of feeding, particularly at a time like then when horses are not competing or doing the normal level of work. 

Laura Tomlinson 

 "We use Haygain as it eliminates dust but maintains all the nutrition....Before using Haygain our horses would often cough and need to clear their airways after a long journey, but with Haygain we can dramatically reduce the dust they breathe in."

Louise Bell 

"I bought my Haygain initially to help with a skin condition on my Grand Prix horse Into The Blue. Irritable skin can be caused by spores in the hay so it was a no brainer to try it. But we are all addicted to steamed hay now. It's great for the horses when they are travelling, its good for any fussy eaters and needless to say it is also good for the ones that can be a bit wheezy. It also makes the yard smell wonderful LOVE IT :-) "

WIll Fletcher 

"We have been feeding our horses steamed hay since 2019 and four times a day. We find this keeps their respiratory system clean and working well. "