How Haygain hay steamers work

Science driven, focussed on quality

We are committed to improving equine health through research and innovation in the respiratory and digestive health issues. Developed by riders, for riders, we understand the importance of clean forage in maintaining the overall well-being of the horse.Our hay steamers are recommended by many of the world’s leading riders, trainers and equine vets.

Purpose built using high grade materials

The HG600 and HG2000 are made from food grade, UV stabilised polypropylene (PP) which reduces the bleaching effect of sunlight. PP is used because it has high stiffness, high temperature resistance and high chemical resistance. It is also fatigue resistant, so it will return to its original shape if flexed.The HGONE is made from UV stabilised polyethylene which is more suitable for the smaller mould size. 

The chests are double skinned to provide additional insulation, fittings (clasps, bolts, axels, hinges) are stainless steel for durability and corrosion resistance, and hose fittings are brass to give better resistance to the high temperature of the steam.

Unique steam injection system

Developed and tested with Bristol University and The Royal Agricultural University, England, our patented manifold system is designed in a deltoid configuration to be the most effective way for injecting steam evenly throughout the whole bale of hay. 

By injecting the steam via the unique spike manifold stystem into the hay, it allows the hay to be steamed inside out, purifying it instead of incubaiting it.Located in the themally insulated Haygain chest, we are able to generate ultra-high temperature, around 212 degrees fahrenheit. 

The aluminium materials used for the manifold, help to raise the temperature in the chest, increasing the efficiency of the unit. As a result, our products are proven to kill mold, fungi, yeast and bacteria in hay and reduce up to 98% of respirable dust particles.